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January 2017

  1. The high-tech Brocock Compatto and Brocock Bantam

    Brocock Bantam SurplusStore.co.uk has some fantastic new air guns in stock, the Brocock Compatto and Brocock Bantam. These are excellent examples of air rifles at their finest, and are increasingly becoming the go-to choice of airgun enthusiasts across the world. Continue reading →
  2. The equipment of the U.S. Special Forces

    U.S. Special Forces on patrol As an elite group of operatives, the Special Forces are ordered to perform different and more difficult tasks than ordinary troops. This could be things such as training indigenous people in warfare, performing reconnaissance, rescuing hostages or targeting specific individuals. Continue reading →
  3. 6 of the most secret military units in history

    DEVGRU soldier with his face obscured for safety reasons Secrecy is quite often the biggest advantage that you can have at your disposal in a military situation. If you think about it in relatable terms, taking your time and planning in a skirmish is quite often a better approach than running in Gung-ho, airsoft guns blazing and getting (figuratively) cut to pieces! Continue reading →
  4. Marines using drones for target practice in new exercise

    Quad Copter like ones used by U.S. Marines as target practice For a lot of people, drones are like marmite; you either love them or hate them. People have often complained that these drones have invaded their personal space, with Richard Madeley (of Richard and Judy fame) stated he even considering taking down the eye in the sky with an air rifle (we don’t recommend you do this by the way!). But for the military, commercially available drones can pose much more of a threat than they do to Joe Public; one which they have never had to face before. Continue reading →
  5. Millennials lack most practical survival skills

    millennials have very few survival skills   A recent poll has found another bad aspect of the millennial generation, to add to the selfie-obsessed and unmotivated lifestyle they (or we) apparently live: A lack of survival skills. Continue reading →
  6. Five of the greatest movie knife fights

    TheHunted A knife is a handy tool at the best of times, and our extensive range of knives, from the bowie knife to the Swiss Army knife, can get you out of any sticky situation in the wild. And it is not just in the real world where a knife will always get the job done, as the cinematic world has shown us there have been quite a few times a knife has been a vital tool to get you out of a mess. Continue reading →
  7. Ridiculous gun myths from films, debunked

    gun myths seen in films debunked For most people, what they know about guns comes from films, and sadly a lot of it is not always correct. The writers of Hollywood just don’t seem to fact check when they include guns into their work and that means there are a fair few completely incorrect ideas about how guns operate. Continue reading →
  8. The guns you will be surprised are real

    expertly crafted hidden glove gun Since the 19th century, firearms have been disguised to hide inside innocent, everyday items like pens and lighters. These gadgets were especially popular during the time of the Cold War. Fraught with tension, murder and espionage, the world leaders turned to the best and brightest of their scientists and engineers to create the best – and well hidden- gizmos, gadgets and guns to help them best their enemies. Continue reading →

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