millennials have very few survival skills


A recent poll has found another bad aspect of the millennial generation, to add to the selfie-obsessed and unmotivated lifestyle they (or we) apparently live: A lack of survival skills.

If a zombie apocalypse arrives within the next few years, millennials will be the first to go, if a recent survey carried out before the London Boat Show is anything to go by. Though surviving in the wilderness has often been seen as a second-nature to humans throughout history, the survey found that basic and practical life skills are lacking in younger generations.

More than half of the millennials polled were said to be unable to tie a knot (is that why Velcro has made a comeback?), 40 percent had never swum in open water and less than a third have ever caught their own fish. What was the least surprising, was that researchers found that most people under the age of 44 had no idea how to read maps, relying on GPS or Google Maps.

The survey also showed that around 44 percent of those who took the survey, around 2000 people, had never actually been camping, with the rest saying that they had been ‘only once or twice’. A London Boat Show spokesperson said, “Despite the rise of TV shows such as I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Bear Grylls: Born Survivor, young people lack basic survival skills such as building a fire or catching food.”

The poll, though focussing on more basic skills, also noted that those being surveyed had also never held a gun, be it an air gun or bb gun and know how to use it correctly, or know the best type of survival knife to use out in the wild.

The survey also compared millennials, which can be those born between 1976 to 1996 at its longest age range, to older generations saying that those born before 1950 were three times more likely to be able to tie a sheepshank knot than those born in the 1990s, who possibly didn’t know what that type of knot even was.

However, modern life does not always require the need to shoot, hunt or hunt and there are still many who can, they just didn’t take part in the survey.

But for a generation who grew up with the internet as part of everyday life, it is no surprise they – or even we - have few survival skills between them. But if you want to beat those statistics, check out some of our survival guides on our blog and check out our survival knives and air guns for sale for when you venture out in the wild - or are up against the hordes in a zombie apocalypse.