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Target Shooting

  1. Why is My Airsoft Gun So Inaccurate?

    Why is My Airsoft Gun So Inaccurate?
    We all want to improve our accuracy when out on the field. And although airsoft isn't all about winning, we can all agree it can definitely make things more fun. If you're looking for accurate airsoft guns in the UK, check out our range here, at Surplus Store! We stock optics and various other accessories to help improve your aim and accuracy! Continue reading →
  2. Binoculars Vs. Spotting Scope | Which To Use And When?

    Binoculars vs spotting scope There is often much debate over which optic is the best to use in which situation. Hunters, wildlife observers and target shooters each have their own opinion on which is best for each activity and why. But, is there really a definitive answer? Continue reading →
  3. A Brief Guide to Race Guns

    Target Shooting A race gun is a type of handgun, shotgun or rifle which has been modified to improve its accuracy, reliability and speed. These types of guns are primarily used in real steel practical shooting and similar competitions for the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Race guns are based on common guns and modified to function at their best within certain requirements of weight, size and capacity. This article features mostly on the real steel side of competitive shooting, however, competitive airsoft shooting is becoming more popular - you can read about that further down in the article. Continue reading →
  4. 3-Gun Nation Set Up Airsoft & Air Gun Divisions

      Woman shooting down range. It is well known that air guns, airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols are excellent training aids. They have been used by military services across the world for mock purposes, due to being cheaper and safer than live firearms. Alongside this, they have also been used to help juniors transition into competitive shooting at a point when they are too young to handle firearms. With this in mind, American-based 3-Gun Nation (3GN) have created and added two new divisions to their already extensive back catalogue – Air Gun and Airsoft divisions. It is called 3-Gun due to their use of three different firearms in the training and competitions; pistol, rifle and shotgun. Continue reading →
  5. New Smartphone Adapter Allows Everyone to See What You See

    Crosshairs when looking down a rifle scope. Have you ever taken such a glorious shot that you wish you had it on film to watch over and over again? Perhaps you’ve finally struck that target from 200 yards or pulled off your most impressive airsoft sniper headshot to date; but who’s going to believe you?! Continue reading →
  6. Why Do Olympic Sharpshooters Wear Those Odd Glasses?

    Female air rifle shooter wearing glasses The Olympic air gun shooting events require a great deal of skill, serious amounts of concentration and apparently a weird pair of glasses… You may have seen the Olympic shooters rocking a set of glasses which look like a cross between horse blinkers and something you wear at the opticians, but do you know what they actually do? Continue reading →
  7. BuzzFeed attempt to re-enact ‘John Wick’ viral training video

    Keanu Reeves training for John Wick: Chapter 2 You may remember around this time last year; a video went viral showing the ageless Keanu Reeves in training for his role in John Wick: Chapter 2. The video showed Keanu on the gun range, nailing some pretty impressive shots with three different weapons. Continue reading →
  8. Marines using drones for target practice in new exercise

    Quad Copter like ones used by U.S. Marines as target practice For a lot of people, drones are like marmite; you either love them or hate them. People have often complained that these drones have invaded their personal space, with Richard Madeley (of Richard and Judy fame) stated he even considering taking down the eye in the sky with an air rifle (we don’t recommend you do this by the way!). But for the military, commercially available drones can pose much more of a threat than they do to Joe Public; one which they have never had to face before. Continue reading →
  9. Want to shoot better? Keep both eyes open, experts say

    A man in camouflage aiming down the sight of air rifles both eyes open Generally, the first thing you want to do when you pick up air rifles or air pistols is to look down the sights with one eye and close the other one. Instinct, right? Well apparently that’s where a lot of us might be going wrong… Continue reading →
  10. Russian sharpshooter plays Beethoven with dual wielded Glocks

    Russian sharpshooter playing the Glockophone using pistols We found ourselves on the weird side of YouTube again, and uncovered a rather impressive (albeit it strange) video from Russia. In the video, a Russian sharpshooter called Vitaly Kruchin has proven not only is he very gifted musically, but he’s a rather good shot when it comes to target shooting. Continue reading →

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