We all want to improve our accuracy when out on the field. And although airsoft isn't all about winning, we can all agree it can definitely make things more fun.

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Accuracy and Airsoft

Accuracy is a key component for airsoft, which can at times be frustrating. Some airsofters turn to teching and tuning to modify their gun to perform the best it can.

Your accuracy and range will mainly depend on the quality of the barrel and hop-up method, but other factors can sway your aim one way or another.

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How to Increase Airsoft Accuracy

Keeping your gun in prime condition will help to improve its accuracy.

Some methods will rely on you to teach or tune your model, but there are a number of ways that won't need any tinkering.

Learn How To Use Your Hop

Your airsoft guns hop will have the largest influence over your range and accuracy. Hops are easy are often adjustable and almost never setup out of the box.

To adjust your hop you’ll need to run over to your local airsoft firing range and get shooting. Shoot 2-3 shots and tweak the hop wheel, rinse and repeat. You should see an improvement in your range.

Once you’re starting to see an improvement you’ll be able to fine tune its trajectory. For AEGs you’ll probably prefer a much fast and flat trajectory, whereas a sniper rifle will prefer a big arc that's often seen in sniper videos.

If the BBs start to fly upward instead of ditching in the dirt or hitting the target you could be over-hopping, and it might be worth considering heavier BBs.

Invest in Heavier Ammunition

Choose your ammunition wisely; lighter BBs are known for exaggerating inaccuracy. Better quality BB brands can provide more consistency without deviating off route too much.

Even the smallest of differences will have the largest influences on your accuracy when you need it to count. Using a heavier BB will improve the range and accuracy of your shot as they’re less likely to be influenced by a slight wind or breeze. They’re also more consistent at following the trajectory of the barrel.

If you want to put in the extra effort and ensure a more consistent shot, you can weigh, measure, inspect and wash them before every use.

Clean the Barrel Regularly

Gun maintenance is a must if you're looking to improve your accuracy. To keep your shots shooting smoothly, make sure to clean the barrel as even the smallest traces of residue can make a difference. Make use of the barrel cleaning rod to keep things tidy.

When cleaning your barrel, make sure the hop-up is turned off and avoid using silicone oil; the oil-based substance won't be able to dry out, and it can cause damage to the hop-up; an essential feature that will help to provide a longer range for your shot.

Reinforce the Inner Barrel

The inner barrel is one of the most essential pieces of an accurate airsoft gun as it will guide the BB out of the gun. The process of the BB moving along the barrel supports it to stabilise and build momentum.

The diameter of the barrel will influence the stability of the BB before it enters an open space. Because airsoft is a narrow field, most products are based on in-field testing and thought experiments.

The traditional belief is that the smaller the diameter of the inner barrel, the more stable and accurate the shot will be. This is true up to a point. The smaller the barrel, the less cushion of air and the more likely the BB will rattle if there are any imperfections in the barrel or on the BB.

A smaller barrel does also increase the possibility that dust and dirt particles can cause them to jam. Which is why it is paramount that you regularly clean your barrel and use high-quality parts and ammo.

The current belief is that the quality of the barrel is paramount. The larger the inner barrel, the more it can provide a cushion of air that will prevent the BB from bouncing and rattling before release. However, this will allow more air around the BB, reducing the shot's power.

These wide-bore barrels are only suitable for Airsoft Guns that have the Air Volume to support an air requirement of that size, so short barrel DMRs or HPAs with adjustable air volumes. Long barrel AEGs do not work with a Widebore barrel!

You can purchase stock inner barrels from 6.01–6.23mm in diameters to provide decent stability for your BBs. We recommend sticking to a decent quality 6.03 or 6.04, such as the Prometheus EG or Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Barrels work very well.

Tune the Scope

When using a scope, the only way to make it accurate when in use is to zero it. Once your scope is aligned and can work with your gun, your aim will be much more accurate. Some forget that it's essential to adjust the scope according to the gun.

You can zero your scope indoors or outdoors; remember, if you choose to adjust it indoors, you will be in a more controlled environment, but there is a greater chance of the BB ricocheting, so make sure to wear eye protection.

Simply aim at the target and adjust according to where the shot landed and repeat until your scope is accurately aligned.

Invest in a Good Quality Hop-Up

The hop-up is the device that sits between the inner barrel and the gearbox. It creates a back-spin effect on the BBs, providing a longer range, countering gravity for longer. Because of this, the hop-up has the most direct impact on range.

If you're planning on upgrading your hop-up, consider your feet per second (FPS), general playing conditions, and don't forget the hop-up can be affected by different temperatures!

There are lots of different styles of hop available:

  • The traditional hop rubber
  • Flat hop, to R-hop
  • Hop rubbers that simulate flat
  • R style hops
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Does the Barrel Length Increase Accuracy?

Surprisingly, the barrel length of an airsoft gun will not aid your accuracy. It can do the opposite depending on the size of the BB and barrel. Once you've taken your shot, the BB can bounce down the barrel, reducing overall accuracy.

Why Does My Airsoft Gun Shoot to the Right?

There are a number of reasons your shots could be swerving off to the side, the most common reasons for your shots to be pulling to the side include:

  • The optics
  • Canting the airsoft gun or trigger contact
  • The barrel
  • The inner barrel
  • The BBs


If your optics aren't aligned correctly, they could be causing you to aim incorrectly. You will need to adjust your optics accordingly to resolve this.

Canting the Airsoft Gun or Trigger Contact

If the rifle is held at an angle, the hop will make the BBs veer off inline to the rifle's angle. This is because the hop is designed to lift the BB so it opposes gravity.

The point of contact between the finger and trigger is incredibly important, this will mostly apply to smaller airsoft guns, but it is relevant to rifles too.

If the trigger is too close to the fingertip, the gun will push away from your trigger hand, if the trigger is too close to your knuckle it will pull the gun in; both having an immediate effect on your accuracy.

Wonky Barrel

If the barrel isn't straight, it will manipulate your shot. To correct this, you will need to re-seat and realign it; it might be worth adding some foam to stabilise the barrel.

Rebounding BBs

You might find that your BBs are rebounding off of the flash hider or mock suppressor. If this is the case, you will need to remove and realign it to make sure it sits straight.

Be sure to check the damping material in your suppressor isn’t fouling the BBs flight path through the central bore.

Dirty Barrel

Dirty barrels are another cause for inaccurate shots. All you need to do is regularly clean your barrel, which is most often the case after buying a new Airsoft gun. Use your cleaning or unjamming rod to clean the inner barrel with a lint-free cotton swab. Avoid using silicone oil.

For dirtier barrels, remove the barrel and hop rubber from the gun and before you start any cleaning. You’ll also need to ensure that the barrel is dust and oil-free before reassembling the gun.

Rainwater within the barrel can also cause your BBs to make a 90-degree turn while in the air, particularly in bad weather.

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