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April 2019

  1. Airsoft Terminology - Part 1: A-M

    Airsoft kit. Here at the Surplus Store, we’re all about trying to introduce new people to the sport of airsoft, however, something that seems to be tripping a few new players up is the diverse and sometimes confusing vocabulary that the sport has adopted. A combination of words that have been given new, airsoft-specific meanings and seemingly endless acronyms have resulted in a new language spoken by airsofters. To help unravel the mysteries behind this foreign dialect, we have composed a two-part series that breaks down all the need-to-know vocab from the sport of airsoft. Continue reading →
  2. How Do Range Finders Work?

    Soldier using a laser range finder Understanding how range finders work can help you utilise them better in the field. A range finder is a device that estimates the distance of an object from the observer. There are a variety of range finding methods, using laser, sonar or radar, with laser range finders being commonly used in military scenarios and airsoft. Continue reading →
  3. A Brief Guide to Race Guns

    Target Shooting A race gun is a type of handgun, shotgun or rifle which has been modified to improve its accuracy, reliability and speed. These types of guns are primarily used in real steel practical shooting and similar competitions for the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Race guns are based on common guns and modified to function at their best within certain requirements of weight, size and capacity. This article features mostly on the real steel side of competitive shooting, however, competitive airsoft shooting is becoming more popular - you can read about that further down in the article. Continue reading →
  4. The Best Battle Royale Games for 2019

    xbox controller For many gamers, the term battle royale is something that seems to have leapt out of nowhere over the past few years. Up until the start of 2017, the term was rarely used by the casual gamer, with only clued-up players aware of the storm that was brewing. This all changed with the release of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Initially released as a mod (short for modification) for an existing PC game in 2014, it was then expanded and released as a full title in 2017. PUBG brought something entirely different to the world of video games and defined the battle royale format, laying the foundations for many other, much more established game franchises to follow. Two years on we seem to be up to our knees in games that have tried (and some that have failed) to replicate this special formula, which is why we have taken a look at some of the best that we think you should be playing! Continue reading →
  5. Airsoft Legs, Feet and Groin Protection

    Man wearing knee pads playing airsoft BBs fired from airsoft guns can bruise your skin, particularly when playing close quarter combat, protective gear means you won’t be leaving a skirmish in much pain and if you play outside a little protection from other hazards goes a long way! In previous articles, we have looked at the ideal protective equipment for face and head, eyes and your upper body. Here we are looking at the best protective clothing for the lower half of your body. Continue reading →
  6. What is Hell Week?

    Soldiers training with log The four words that are enough to crush the minds and spirits of potential US Navy SEALs, enough to send shivers down the spines of people that don’t even know what it is: “Welcome to Hell Week”. The name really says all you need to know; five and a half days of real hell, beginning on a Sunday and ending on the following Friday. But what does it involve? In this article, we look at one of the most gruelling and intensive training regimes used in the modern military world. Continue reading →
  7. How to Survive in the Wild With Just a Knife

    Hunting knife stuck in tree bark Before smartphones which gave you access to apps which hold extensive knowledge and data roaming so you can access GPS and maps when in the middle of nowhere, humans could survive with the most basic of tools; a knife. And today, if we just built up some basic knowledge, leaned on our innate survival instincts, and got ourselves a decent survival knife, we could do it again. Continue reading →
  8. A Guide to Air Gun Ammunition

    Manl shooting targets with air rifle The options and variety when it comes to air gun ammunition can actually be quite astounding, with various sizes, shapes and materials it can sometimes be confusing which will be best for your gun. To help you decide which ammunition you should be using, we have put together this article that will look at some of the options that are out there, along with how you should and shouldn’t use them. Continue reading →

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