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December 2014

  1. SS Guides: Training your Airsoft team

    Airsoft Guides Training Tips Tricks Hints Advice How To | Expert Experienced Military Trainer Advice For Airsofting Airsofters Team Training Drills Environments Gear Airsoft Guns Right Kit Sniper Rifle Assault Weapon Weaponry Rifle Pistol Revolver | Surplus Store Airsoft & BB Gun Online Shop Training your Airsoft team can be a hard task, because not everyone will agree about the best way of doing things – so we’ve got some handy advice for you all! Every team will have people with varying degrees of experience, and differing ideas of how things should be done, so we thought we’d see if we were able to help with some useful advice on how best to train up a team. To do that we’ve got some advice from Sean Walsh, a former member of the Canadian Military Police, who is now team captain of the Newfoundland Airsoft Regiment and a tactical trainer and instructor. Continue reading →
  2. Operation Providence set for January

    Airsoft Airsofting Operation Skirmish Mission Organised Group Action | Weaponry Kit Bergen Ammo Ammunition BB Pistol Rifle Air Weapon SA80 AK47 Walther Weihrauch Wahabis Task Force Black Knights Of Azear Terrorist Infiltration Exfiltration Scenario | Surplus Store Airsoft & BB Gun Online Store Shop UKAn exciting Airsoft operation is set to take place at the start of 2015, when up to 45 airsofters will descend on the Welsh border. The operation, organised by Stirling Airsoft, will get 2015 off to an exciting start for lots of airsofters. Operation Providence will take place in Herefordshire over the weekend of January 24-25. The organisers have arranged for three organisations, fighting for two sides, to take part in the battle. Continue reading →
  3. The Wrong Clothes

    So you've got your loadout sorted, you have 3 spare rifles for every skirmish, you're an experienced Airsofter... But it's raining... Aaaand it's cold... Still with me? Good! There is an old saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!" this holds incredibly true for the last skirmish we played, tipping down with rain all day, wet through is an understatement, yes skin is waterproof, but not cold proof too! Also if you're carrying an AEG, especially if you have a mosfet controlled one, you have a gun that is possibly (although very unlikely) could short circuit and fry a battery or shoot your team mates in the leg should it short circuit in the worst way! Continue reading →

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