Airsoft Airsofting Operation Skirmish Mission Organised Group Action | Weaponry Kit Bergen Ammo Ammunition BB Pistol Rifle Air Weapon SA80 AK47 Walther Weihrauch Wahabis Task Force Black Knights Of Azear Terrorist Infiltration Exfiltration Scenario | Surplus Store Airsoft & BB Gun Online Store Shop UKAn exciting Airsoft operation is set to take place at the start of 2015, when up to 45 airsofters will descend on the Welsh border. The operation, organised by Stirling Airsoft, will get 2015 off to an exciting start for lots of airsofters. Operation Providence will take place in Herefordshire over the weekend of January 24-25. The organisers have arranged for three organisations, fighting for two sides, to take part in the battle. One side, the Knights of Azear (KOA) will attempt to regroup from serious losses suffered in 2014 after conventional warfare failed to work for them against Western forces. As a result KOA have started waging war in the homeland of their nation’s occupier, as part of a global war of attrition. Their small scale but high profile attacks have been successful in a number of countries and KOA Cells are striking across many borders. However, they are being monitored by the Western allies’ Task Force Black and a group of KOA terrorists must evade capture as Task Force Black homes in on them. They’ll be aided in this by the Wahabis, a hill tribe with extremist views. This story means each of the three groups in Operation Providence has its own missions. The Wahhabis are tasked with making contact with KOA, establishing a training camp and planning and executing the exfiltration of the KOA from their mountain hideout. The KOA operatives will be involved in that exfiltration and then must attempt to avoid Task Force Black, cross an agreed border and proceed with planned attacks. Task Force Black tem members will be charged with observing and documenting the enemy’s actions, before attempting to prevent both opposing sides from executing their own missions. Get in touch with Stirling Airsoft to find out more or book, and stock up on supplies at our online airsoft shop.