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November 2015

  1. Airsoft team profile – Tactical Black Cats

    The Tactical Black Cats team posing with airsoft revolvers Airsoft is a community that comes together to help each other, and that is just what has happened following the tragic events that took place in Paris little over a week ago. The Tactical Black Cats are an airsoft association based in France’s capital. They are a small airsoft team of 16 members, but their love and passion for the sport is second to none!  Continue reading →
  2. Airsoft game brings together war veterans in “therapeutic sport”

      Soldiers taking part in airsoft games using UK airsoft guns Hundreds of military veterans and airsoft enthusiasts have recently taken part in an airsoft milsim in the south of Texas, but it wasn’t just your run of the mill capture the flag game. The objective required one team to try and take an objective, be it a crossroads or a canyon, and hold it for three hours, whilst the other team tries to take it. Continue reading →
  3. Umarex Colt SAA CO2 .177 BB Pistol Video Overview

    Three Umarex Colt CO2 air pistols as found at Crawley Surplus Store A personal favourite right here for the latest video, where Dan takes a closer look at the Umarex Colt Single Army Action CO2 .177 BB pistol, more commonly known as the Colt Peacemaker (Dan covers this in the video!). Available in three styles, the Colt really is perhaps one of the finest CO2 air pistols currently on the market, due to its excellent build quality and authenticity. Continue reading →
  4. Remington 1911 RAC .177 Gas Blowback CO2 Pistol Video Overview

    One of our Remington 1911 RAC gas blowback CO2 air pistols This time round, Dan has got his hands on an old favourite in the shape of the Remington 1911 RAC .177 gas blowback CO2 pistol, modelled on the very recognisable Colt 1911 pistol. The Remington features an 18 shot copper/steel BB magazine, which also neatly houses a 12g CO2 capsule, meaning it is able to keep its sleek design and shape. Continue reading →
  5. Introducing The Duke: Video overview Walther Lever Action Winchester Style CO2 Rifle

    Gun Tech Dan with one of the new Winchester Style CO2 air rifles Dan is back with “The Gun that Won the West!” Well, the Walther Lever Action Winchester Style CO2 Rifle to be exact, also known as The Duke. The Duke features real wood stock and forestock, and a brushed brass finish, and is a fantastic looking rifle. Using 88 gram CO2 tanks which load excellently into the stock of the gun, the rifle fires 177 pellets, giving you around 200 shots per tank. Continue reading →
  6. Want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Here are the best cities to visit

    Zombie apocalypse, survive with hunting knives and air rifles Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the Red Sox, Mark Wahlberg, and the setting for Fallout 4! But did you also know it is the best city to head to if/when the zombie apocalypse hits? CareerBuilder and EMSI, who are a company that creates economic models have revealed the “Zombie Apocalypse Index”, which is a ranking of which of the 53 largest cities in the United States that would be most likely to survive when the you-know-what hits the fan! Continue reading →

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