Zombie apocalypse, survive with hunting knives and air rifles

Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the Red Sox, Mark Wahlberg, and the setting for Fallout 4! But did you also know it is the best city to head to if/when the zombie apocalypse hits?

CareerBuilder and EMSI, who are a company that creates economic models have revealed the “Zombie Apocalypse Index”, which is a ranking of which of the 53 largest cities in the United States that would be most likely to survive when the you-know-what hits the fan!

In order to determine the rank of each city, four categories were looked at. They were the ability to defend itself against the zombie virus, containing the spread of the disease, feeding the surviving population through the duration of the disaster, and finding a cure.

The ten cities that wouldn’t fare so well…

New York, New York

Tampa, Florida

Los Angeles, California

Riverside-San Bernardino, California

Chicago, Illinois

Miami, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Providence, Rhode Island

Las Vegas, Nevada

New York was never going to fare well, due to the city being so densely populated. These conditions would mean that they would be unlikely to contain the spread of the disease. Washington DC was most likely to run out of food, and Atlanta was one of the least likely places to develop a cure (they’ve obviously watched The Walking Dead!).

The high population, few scientists working on biomedical research and a low percentage of people working in either law enforcement or the military led to the downfall of these cities.

On the other hand

The cities where the most people were likely to survive has the most scientists, the greatest number of engineers - who could come up with ingenious ways of keeping the undead at bay – and who were large exporters of non-perishable. Boston has a large population of top scientists thanks to nearby Harvard and MIT, whilst there is a large nearby naval presence, meaning they are more than adequately equipped!

The ten cities you do want to be in when it kicks off

Boston, Massachusetts

Salt Lake City, Utah

Columbus, Ohio

Baltimore, Maryland

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Seattle, Washington

San Diego, California

Kansas City, Missouri

Denver, Colorado

Indianapolis, Indiana

Although it is pretty slim that an outbreak will occur, 8.5 per cent of Americans said that they were very afraid of a zombie apocalypse and it ranked amongst their biggest fears. To put this in perspective, it is around the same percentage as people who said they feared clowns, injections and the dark…

Whether or not the zombies come, or it is a natural disaster that might suddenly occur, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend that you stockpile non-perishable food, water, medication and tools, such as hunting knives, duct tape and look at buying air rifles. This kit will not be cheap of course; the CDC predicts it will cost the best part of £300, and this would also only last one person about two weeks!

We hope they bring out a UK version of this study soon enough to see how the cities will fare, but we know we’ll be pretty well stocked for the plague in our shop!