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February 2015

  1. How Airsoft can benefit you!

    Airsoft guns how airsoft can benefit you physical mental social Surplus Store CrawleyThe ever increasing popularity of Airsoft can be beneficial to an individual for different reasons. Here, those benefits have been broken down into three key areas of how Airsoft can positively affect you, both in the sport and your day to day life!   Continue reading →
  2. Homemade Gatling gun is perfectly legal (sort of!)

    [caption id="attachment_150" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Redneck Obliterator homemade Gatling gun airsoft guns bb guns air rifle Surplus Stores Crawley Photo credit: YouTube video[/caption] America has done it again! This homemade project has been made by rigging together six semi-automatic rifles in a circle to mimic the action of a Gatling gun. The gun has been very aptly dubbed the “Redneck Obliterator” and is perfectly legal (subject to the regulations that govern the sale and possession of a rifle of course...). Continue reading →
  3. The US Army could be getting cool new camo gear

    Camouflage Gear Clothing DPM Disruptive Pattern Material | Airsoft BB Guns Skirmish Milsim Military Clothing | Surplus Store Online Store Retail Crawley UK	One of the world’s super powers is considering getting some new gear for its troops – as the USA is looking into using new DPM fabrics for its uniforms. The U.S. Army could soon be kitting its troops out in camo gear made of a range of new DPMs (Disruptive Pattern Material). There are currently five different companies competing to supply the uniform for US troops, each of which have already tabled designs. These five have been selected from a wider group which submitted designs as part of the Army’s “Phase IV Camouflage Improvement Effort” selection and testing process. Continue reading →
  4. Does Canada know something we don’t…?

    Now usually we write about something like air pistols for sale, but something else caught our eye in the military world. The Canadian Army have released pictures of a gun which strangely resembles the assault rifle that is wielded by Master Chief in the Halo franchise. [caption id="attachment_143" align="aligncenter" width="930"]Halo style gun Canada Military | Master Chief Needler Halo Franchise Assault Rifle air rifles bb guns air pistols air rifle accessories air gun ammunition | SS News Surplus Stores Crawley South East UK Photo Credit: YouTube video[/caption] Continue reading →
  5. Six times where knives have saved lives

    127 Hours Knife Knives Survival Life Saver Lifesaving James Franco | Buck Knife Gerber Sheath Survival | Surplus Store Paintball Gun BB Airgun Airsoft Weapons Crawley Online Retailer Shop Store UKMost people have heard the story behind the film 127 Hours, where a man’s life is saved by a knife – but when else has a knife saved a life? 127 Hours is the 2010 film all about an incident which occurred in 2003, when Aron Ralston got stuck in a canyon in Utah while canyoning. With his arm stuck between a boulder and the canyon wall, Aron spent 127 hours stuck fast before he decided to cut off his arm using a survival knife, allowing him to escape and find medical help. While this story is well know there are plenty more which aren’t so celebrated. Here are a selection from the last few years in America: Continue reading →
  6. Three reasons an Air Rifle is perfect for a survival kit

    Air rifle shop survival kit zombie apocalypse | air rifles bb guns air pistols air rifle accessories air gun ammunition | SS News Surplus Stores Crawley South East UK When it comes to a survival kit, an air rifle might well have not been at the forefront of your mind. Whether this is in your general survival kit, you’re planning on leaving civilisation behind and living in woods, or you’re focussing on surviving the zombie apocalypse, here are a few reasons why an air rifle should be part of your kit. Continue reading →
  7. German designer comes up with 3D printed airsoft gun

    German designer comes up with 3D printed airsoft gun
    3D Printing Airsoft Guns Rifles Weapons Ammunition Shooting Pistols Revolvers Homemade DIY CADCAM CAD Printer Artist | Recreational Futuristic Design M-1 Enforcer German Built Star Wars Trek Starship Enterprise Tie Fighter X-Wing | Surplus Store Airsoft BB Guns Paintball SuppliesA German designer has 3D printed a futuristic and functioning M-1 Enforcer airsoft rifle. The weapon isn’t very powerful or accurate but it does work and marks a big step for the 3D printing and airsoft worlds. The gun is the work of a young artist who’s known only as Alex, and who shows off his work on his Youtube channel - ‘Printing the Revolution’. His work is all done using 3D modelling software and in the past he’s created a Star Trek Starship Enterprise model as well as Star Wars X-wing and Tie Fighters. Continue reading →
  8. Warehouse turned into Airsoft training academy

    Warehouse training academy Salford | airsoft guns uk warzone training air rifles | SS News Surplus Stores Crawley South East UK A security firm based in Salfords has spent millions of pounds turning a warehouse into a mock town in order to use it for disaster and warfare training, with a range of weekend airsoft challenges to boot. Continue reading →
  9. Become a superhero on a "budget"

    [caption id="attachment_121" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Picture: Amazon.co.uk Picture: Amazon.co.uk[/caption] Have you ever dreamed of fighting crime and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves? Well now you can! For a cool £660,000, it is now possible to become a superhero and stand up to the scourge of justice that blights our society. Continue reading →

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