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America has done it again! This homemade project has been made by rigging together six semi-automatic rifles in a circle to mimic the action of a Gatling gun.

The gun has been very aptly dubbed the “Redneck Obliterator” and is perfectly legal (subject to the regulations that govern the sale and possession of a rifle of course...).

This is due to fact that the gun features a hand crank action, as can be seen in the video here. For this reason, it is not legally classified as a machine gun!

The great thing about this construction is the fact that the guns can be taken off the mount, put them back into a regular stock, and they’re good to fire again individually.

Sadly, the video does not show the gun in action, but breaks down the basic features of how the gun would work in action. Someone definitely had too much time on their hands!

The Redneck Obliterator recently sold at auction for $3,450, which is an absolute “bargain” when you look at its rivals. Original Gatling guns have been previously sold for $75,000, and replicas for $6,500.

We use the term bargain quite lightly, as not everyone has four figures of loose change lying about, but if you’re in the market for something slightly extravagant, this could be right up your street!

If anybody fancies attempting to replicate the Redneck Obliterator with UK Airsoft Guns, we’re sure it would be most certainly welcomed! Not quite sure skirmish rules would allow it however…