.22 Air Rifles

The ideal blend of performance, innovation and aesthetic appeal, our selection of .22 calibre air rifles offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or an air rifle newbie, our range of .22 air guns offer plenty of diverse options. Choose from market-leading brands across budget and more premium price points to discover the perfect weapon to add to your arsenal.
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Air Arms S410 Carbine Superlite Hunter Green .22 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan 900x Breaker .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW95K .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW45 Silver Star .22 Pellet Lever Action Air Pistol
Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine .22 Under Lever Air Rifle
Air Arms Pro Sport .22 Under Lever Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW97KT Black & Nickel .22 Under Lever Air Rifle
Walther Rotex RM8 .22 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan Striker 1000S .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
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Buying .22 Air Rifles in the UK

A .22 air rifle, whether you prefer shooting with PCP, underlever or break barrels, is great for hunting, pest control, informal target practice and backyard plinking. With a priority towards accuracy, build quality, ergonomics and style, these rifles certainly deliver. While you do not need a firearms licence to purchase one of our .22 air rifles (as their power does not exceed 12 ft-lb), you must be 18 or over.

22 Air Rifles From Top Brands

From Air Arms to Hatsan to Weihrauch, we stock some of the most recognisable names around – along with a few hidden gems, too. By offering a huge range of top brands, we can ensure you receive only the highest quality. The large breadth of air rifle options also means you can enjoy a good availability of accessories to up your performance and shooting experience.

Popular .22 Air Rifles

Filter our products by the bestsellers to see which guns are most sought-after and see what you’re missing out on. PCP air rifles from Weihrauch remain a top choice for many as they offer an unrivalled shooting experience for smooth, precise perfection. Gamo’s Whisper Sting break barrels are also popular thanks to the sound suppressor and anti-shock composite. If a .22 doesn’t suit your needs, check out our range of .177 calibre air rifles.
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