Sheath Knives

If you’re looking for something compact and practical to take on your next wilderness adventure, our selection of sheath knives will provide the perfect solution.

A vast range of our knives and blades come with custom sheaths allowing you to hang the knife on a belt, bag, or person.

Here at Surplus Store, we stock a handpicked range of products from reputable brands such as Gerber and Muela to the more premium ones such as Helle – our product range will have something to suit all requirements. When seeking a new sheath knife, our online store offers some great choices!

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K25 32193 Sheath Knife
Ka-Bar Black Serrated Sheath Knife 1212
Ka-Bar USMC Serrated Sheath Knife 1218
Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete 1248
Walther FBK Pro Sheath Knife
Rui 31943 Yowie Sheath Knife
Muela 5161-M Sheath Knife
Muela Gaucho 16A Sheath Knife
1030 Nieto Sheath Knife
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