Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Bring a whole new element to your airsoft games with our range of airsoft grenade launchers and shells. Ideal for clearing rooms and targeting multiple opponents at once, these allow you to fire hundreds of BBs in a single blast, creating an impressive show of firepower. Whether you’re after a pistol-style or under-barrel launcher, there’s plenty to choose from to complete your loadout.
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CYMA M052 Pistol Grip 6mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher RIF
M203 Grenade Launcher
E&C M203 Grenade Launching System at Crawley Surplus Store
E&C M203 Grenade Launcher
Nuprol 40 mm Shower Grenade - 96rd
Double Bell M203 Long Grenade Launcher (Full Metal - Black - M-55L)
Action ARmy Rail MOunted Grenade Launcher
Double Bell M203 Short Grenade Lancher
Acetech ACEHIVE X Spawner Starter Pack
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Using Airsoft Grenade Launchers & Shells

Airsoft grenade launchers are used with shells that expel tens or hundreds of BBs in a single shot. These shells, housed in your grenade launcher, are powered with green gas or CO2, which is what propels the projectiles when the firing pin strikes the shell.

Most airsoft grenade launchers will use 40mm shower shell grenades. Depending on the type of airsoft grenade, you can reuse them as they can be reloaded and recharged with airsoft gas.

Here, you’ll find launchers and shells from leading brands, so you can rely on their longevity and performance. Browse the latest products from names like S&T, CYMA, Double Bell and more.

Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher

We stock a range of grenade launcher styles to ensure you can find a convenient option that suits your skirmish needs. Our under-barrel grenade launchers are great pieces of kit to attach to your rifle. Lightweight and robust, these launchers are compatible with most under-barrel rails.

Pistol Grenade Launcher

Alternatively, pistol-style grenade launchers can be a lot of fun too. Convenient, agile and stealthy, they certainly provide plenty of opportunities to take your enemies by surprise.

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