Spring Airsoft Rifles

Spring airsoft rifles have long been the go-to for beginner players looking for great budget options. While you’ll find plenty that fit that description here, we also stock some higher-end models, especially in the realm of airsoft sniper rifles, that’ll give you an impressive performance on the field.

Whether you’re after something for historical reenactments or are keen on a cheaper starter gun, explore our range below to discover the perfect addition to your arsenal.

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Novritsch SSG10A3
photo comming soon
Silverback SRS A2/M2 16 Inch Sports Line 6mm Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black Left Handed
S&T Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk III* (Real Wood) Airsoft Rifle
Special Price £405.00 Save £45.00
Silverback Tac-41 A 6 MM Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Silverback Tac-41 Lite Airsoft Sniper Rifle - FDE
Tac 41 OD
Silverback SRS A2/M2 16 Inch Sports Line 6mm Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black Right Handed
Ares Classic Line SMLE British No. 4 MK1(T) 1
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Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

Spring airsoft rifles are pretty easy to work with, which is what makes them so popular with beginners. You simply need to pull back the lever/handle to cock the gun and compress the spring; the built-up energy is then released when you pull the trigger, firing the BB.

As spring powered rifles rely on the release of the spring, they are single-shot guns and you don’t get a full-auto effect. However, this method of powering your gun also means you won’t have to rely on temperamental gas or sufficiently charged batteries to pose a threat on the field! In many cases, spring-powered guns can be as powerful and precise as electric airsoft rifles, offering an action-packed shooting experience.

The Best Spring Airsoft Rifles

We’re proud to offer a great selection of guns from leading brands that are coming out with the best of the best when it comes to spring powered rifles. Browse products from Silverback, Ares, S&T, Tokyo Marui and more to enjoy some classic and innovative models. Various Silverback sniper rifles remain among some of our best-selling spring airsoft guns, along with S&T’s Lee Enfield replica that’s ideal for reenactors and history enthusiasts.

Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of airsoft ammunition to ensure you’re always ready to make that vital shot!

Buying Spring Airsoft Rifles in the UK

If you do not have a UKARA membership but are interested in purchasing one of our real imitation firearms, we can spray-paint the gun for you. This ensures it is two-tone, in line with legislation.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? See our full range of airsoft rifles, including AEGs, GBBRs and more.

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