Gas Airsoft Rifles

The perfect blend of realism, power and accuracy, gas airsoft rifles can provide an unbeatable shooting experience and are unmatched on the skirmish field. From assault rifles to submachine guns to shotguns, we stock a great selection of gas-powered airsoft rifles to ensure you can find the best match.

Whether you’re a beginner just stepping into the world of airsoft or are well-versed in the way of GBBRs and are seeking the next addition to your arsenal, you’ll find plenty to entice all skill levels.

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S&T M203 Long Plastic 6mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher RIF
VFC M249 GBBR Airsoft Rifle
SSQ22 Gas Blowback Rifle
KWA AKG-74SU GBR w_ Black Handguard
EMG Cyma Daniel Defence Gas Blow back Airsoft Rifle
Daniel Defense x EMG DDM4 PDW SBR Gas Blowback Rifle - Tan
King Arms M2 Paratrooper GBB Rifle with Real wood stock
Tokyo Marui M4A1 ZET 6mm GBB Airsoft Rifle
WE Galaxy Hi-Capa GBB Airsoft Pistol - Black
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Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles

GBBRs are so beloved because they can provide a more authentic feel, getting as close to firing the real thing as possible. Blowback action gives you a more realistic combat experience thanks to the recoil and powerful feel in the hands.

If you’re considering a historical replica, GBB guns are often the best route to go down, as they add to the overall authenticity of your loadout and make your themed skirmishes and battles that much more enjoyable.

If a gas-powered gun doesn’t quite fit your requirements this time, why not check out our range of electric airsoft rifles to see even more reliable and powerful options?

The Best Gas Airsoft Rifles

Whatever your requirements and whatever features you need for a rifle to be worthy of your loadout, you’re sure to find something compatible among our gas-powered airsoft rifles. We stock plenty of top brands you’ll recognise, along with some hidden gems as well.

Explore gas blowback rifles from leading brands like Cybergun, WE, Tokyo Marui and lots more. Many of the guns here represent the sheer variety available, highlighting the innovative efforts gracing the current airsoft market.

Buying Gas Powered Airsoft Rifles in the UK

If a rifle is labelled as a Real Imitation Firearm, you must have a UKARA membership to purchase one. If you’ve got your heart set on a particular airsoft rifle but are not a UKARA member, don’t worry – we can spray paint your chosen gun so that it becomes two-tone, keeping in line with legislation. This way, anyone over 18 can purchase the best airsoft weapon to suit their needs.

Need to stock up gas to keep you shooting at peak performance? Check out our selection of airsoft gas.

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