Air rifle shop survival kit zombie apocalypse | air rifles bb guns air pistols air rifle accessories air gun ammunition | SS News Surplus Stores Crawley South East UK When it comes to a survival kit, an air rifle might well have not been at the forefront of your mind. Whether this is in your general survival kit, you’re planning on leaving civilisation behind and living in woods, or you’re focussing on surviving the zombie apocalypse, here are a few reasons why an air rifle should be part of your kit.

The ammunition

Regardless of the calibre of ammunition needed for your air rifle, it is always going to be relatively inexpensive. The storage tin takes up very little space in your pack, which means more room for water and other precious commodities. They also last for very long periods of time, where other ammunition can “go bad” over time.

Perfect for small game hunting

An air rifle is ideal to use for small game hunting. This is perfect for when you’ve run out of your favourite tinned food and you are gagging for a taste of rabbit or another small rodent. The fact they are practically silent shooters is a big advantage for this as well, as you do not want to scare away your meal, or attract the attention of something that wants to make a meal of you!

It may take you a while to get used to hunting using this calibre of air rifle, but since when has improving your accuracy been a bad thing?

Powered by air

There is no need to worry about conserving shots when it comes to an air rifle in terms of preserving gas power, as they are powered by air; the most readily available gas around! This combined with your millions of pellets you should have stocked up on (if you haven’t, why not?!) means you can be as trigger happy as you want when you’re chasing after that tasty looking squirrel!

So there you have it, a few reasons why an air rifle could be invaluable after the fall of humanity. If you aren’t planning on going native just yet but you are interested in an air rifle, why not check out our air rifle shop, and see if anything grabs your fancy!