Warehouse training academy Salford | airsoft guns uk warzone training air rifles | SS News Surplus Stores Crawley South East UK A security firm based in Salfords has spent millions of pounds turning a warehouse into a mock town in order to use it for disaster and warfare training, with a range of weekend airsoft challenges to boot.

Security and risk management specialist Pilgrims Group Limited hope that the £5 million and 45,000 sq ft training academy will provide both scenario and classroom based learning.

The space has been set up much like a real town, with individual streets, cafes, shops, government buildings and houses, with the firm believing they have created the most comprehensive security training centre in the UK.

The mock town set up is just the start, with more scenarios being planned to help whoever may need them, such as tactical training for police forces. This is the main use of the warehouse throughout the week. However, they are eyeing a different approach during the weekends.

This involves the centre offering a range of airsoft challenges in the coming months which can be enjoyed during the weekends. There haven’t been too many details released at the moment, but with such a large facility capable of so many possibilities, a Call of Duty map style skirmish sounds like it may well be possible at some point in the future!  At least all weather FIBUA for those that don't like to get wet!

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