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Have you ever dreamed of fighting crime and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves? Well now you can! For a cool £660,000, it is now possible to become a superhero and stand up to the scourge of justice that blights our society.

A Japanese company has listed this “Iron Man” inspired suit on Amazon, but it does have a few drawbacks that might be worth noting.

Firstly, the max speed tops out at 6mph, which means unless your villain has a habit of walking around backwards and blindfolded, you’re not going to be able to catch anybody anytime soon!

The next point worth noting is the lack of flight capabilities. This means that it would be as simple as walking up a flight of stairs to escape from this wannabe vigilante.

Next, the inventors have stated on their website that they cannot guarantee comfort and safety when using the suit, meaning you could quite easily end your own superhero career before it has even started!

Now we get onto perhaps the most important part of the suit; the weaponry. Iron Man has his repulsor, powered by arc reactor technology, so what have our Japanese friends created for this tribute suit?

The first weapon is a “rocket launcher” which can fire water bottles; not ideal for taking out a heavily armed helicopter, but perfect if your enemy is looking slightly dehydrated. The second set of weapons (which are much more up our street!) are BB Gatling Guns; which again will not necessarily stop your enemy in his pursuit of world domination, but might give you a shot at hitting your opponent during an airsoft game.

While this may be a little out of place at your average woodland skirmish site, we reckon it would be a great asset at any open FIBUA site!

With the base model starting at £660,000, adding all the necessary bells and whistles to give this suit a chance at being a force to be reckoned with could set you back at over £1 million. For more wallet-friendly weaponry, why not check out our selection of BB Pistols UK?