Now usually we write about something like air pistols for sale, but something else caught our eye in the military world. The Canadian Army have released pictures of a gun which strangely resembles the assault rifle that is wielded by Master Chief in the Halo franchise.

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Admittedly, the resemblance is slim, but we see where they are coming from! With electro-optical sights an optional attachment, and the capability of an under mounted shotgun or grenade launcher, if the Covenant do decide to make an appearance, Canada will be prepared at least!

The weapon has been in production since 2009, and is being designed to incorporate the extra weapon capabilities of the grenade launcher or shotgun whilst weighing less than the current military assault rifle.

Alongside designing this high end military rifle, work is being conducted on the electronic components to be used in the future, such as weapon position tracking systems, designed to be connected to a tablet to track positions of multiple weapons and ammunition after it has been fired!

Currently, the prototype rifle isn’t currently man-fireable as it may not be physically safe to handle, but there is a YouTube video showing the production of the rifle, and some of the 3D printing aspects that have gone into production.

As some of you may know, there is currently an airsoft version of the Halo assault rifle, but at a whopping £725, you might be forgiven for not flocking in droves to buy one!

In the same week as a Needler style nerf gun and a Master Chief Motorcycle helmet have been unveiled, what will be next in production?