Three Umarex Colt CO2 air pistols as found at Crawley Surplus Store

A personal favourite right here for the latest video, where Dan takes a closer look at the Umarex Colt Single Army Action CO2 .177 BB pistol, more commonly known as the Colt Peacemaker (Dan covers this in the video!).

Available in three styles, the Colt really is perhaps one of the finest CO2 air pistols currently on the market, due to its excellent build quality and authenticity.

As ever, Dan covers the basics, such as firepower, as well as shots per CO2 capsule. The Colt has been designed so well, that no part goes to waste, as you will see when Dan inserts the CO2 capsule neatly into the grip.

The BB’s are loaded into shells, which are then authentically loaded one by one into the chamber, which adds to the realism (although can be a bit time consuming, but you won’t mind when the gun is that good).

Dan then takes the Umarex into the range, demonstrates inserting the CO2 capsule, loading the gun and finally shows us how she performs in the range.

Check out the video for yourself over at our YouTube channel, or follow the link here:

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