Gun Tech Dan with one of the new Winchester Style CO2 air rifles

Dan is back with “The Gun that Won the West!” Well, the Walther Lever Action Winchester Style CO2 Rifle to be exact, also known as The Duke. The Duke features real wood stock and forestock, and a brushed brass finish, and is a fantastic looking rifle.

Using 88 gram CO2 tanks which load excellently into the stock of the gun, the rifle fires 177 pellets, giving you around 200 shots per tank.

The rifle uses the Umarex rotary drum system, which gives you eight shots before you have to reload, and of course, features the iconic Winchester repeating action to give you that authentic style shooting.

Dan then takes the rifle to the range (unable to contain his excitement anymore!) and shows us what the rifle can do!

As with all of our videos, you will see exactly what you get in the box, as well as Dan imparting a few pieces of wisdom about how to get the most out of your gun!

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