One of our Remington 1911 RAC gas blowback CO2 air pistols

This time round, Dan has got his hands on an old favourite in the shape of the Remington 1911 RAC .177 gas blowback CO2 pistol, modelled on the very recognisable Colt 1911 pistol.

The Remington features an 18 shot copper/steel BB magazine, which also neatly houses a 12g CO2 capsule, meaning it is able to keep its sleek design and shape. The powerful blowback you will experience on this pistol is a lot more powerful than some of the other guns on the market, which is a really nice touch!

Constructed entirely of metal, with a plastic grip, everything about this gun screams authenticity. It fires at around 315 feet per second, giving you around 40 shots per CO2 capsule. This is slightly less than some of our other CO2 air pistols, but when it looks that good when firing, that doesn’t really matter does it!?

Dan also takes a look at the safety features on the gun, as well as demonstrating how it can be field-stripped, much like its real life counterpart.

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