Soldiers taking part in airsoft games using UK airsoft guns

Hundreds of military veterans and airsoft enthusiasts have recently taken part in an airsoft milsim in the south of Texas, but it wasn’t just your run of the mill capture the flag game.

The objective required one team to try and take an objective, be it a crossroads or a canyon, and hold it for three hours, whilst the other team tries to take it.

The exercises are of course the closest you can get to war, without the real bullets, and that is what keeps the veterans coming back every year.

When asked about the event, Army Veteran Justin Mager said "We get to take the skill set that we learned in the military, bring it out here, and teach it to the people that never got to learn it, and never would without this sport."

Aside from all of the great benefits that airsoft brings, such as fitness and the social elements, many army veterans are praising the sport for being therapeutic for them. Many veterans find it hard to open up to strangers about their experiences, but when put into a mock military situation, they tend to open up a bit more about their experiences.

Many even stated they did not care about the result, it was just about having fun with other people who understand exactly who they have gone through, and that can never be a bad thing!

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