The Tactical Black Cats team posing with airsoft revolvers

Airsoft is a community that comes together to help each other, and that is just what has happened following the tragic events that took place in Paris little over a week ago.

The Tactical Black Cats are an airsoft association based in France’s capital. They are a small airsoft team of 16 members, but their love and passion for the sport is second to none! 

In the wake of the terrible attack on the Bataclan and other areas of Paris earlier this month, the group has also acted quickly to help airsofters.

It paid a touching tribute to the victims of the attacks on its Facebook page and has displayed solidarity with other Parisians who wish to simply lead a peaceful and enjoyable life in the city. But most impressively, it has circulated information and created resources to help airsofters.

Given the recent attacks it is unsurprising that security is tightened in the city, and indeed the whole of France. That means heading to and from airsoft skirmishes with airsoft guns could be problematic in an environment where people are being vigilant and are sensitive to the sight of anyone with a gun.

That’s where the Tactical Black Cats have taken the lead and used their Facebook page to try and make sure all airsofters are aware of the laws in France as to how to transport weapons. They have also created cards which any airsofter can print out, which explain clearly the laws relating to airsoft weapons. The idea is that airsofters stopped by security forces can show this card and demonstrate they are complying with the law.

The responsible actions are to be expected from the team, which is extremely active online and regularly posts updates to its YouTube channel. With an overall 42,000 subscribers on their channel, their reach is quite extensive, and we certainly recommend checking their videos out!

Check out some of the videos and get in touch with them if you fancy a trip to France to meet fellow airsofters. If you need a new gun for your next skirmish, why not check out our selection of airsoft revolvers and rifles online?


Thank you to the Tatical Black Cats team for providing us with an image!