Man wearing knee pads playing airsoft

BBs fired from airsoft guns can bruise your skin, particularly when playing close quarter combat, protective gear means you won’t be leaving a skirmish in much pain and if you play outside a little protection from other hazards goes a long way!

In previous articles, we have looked at the ideal protective equipment for face and head, eyes and your upper body. Here we are looking at the best protective clothing for the lower half of your body.

Combat Trousers

Combat trousers are the preferred gear for legs, as the durable fabric is designed for comfort and mobility.

Combat trousers also have a few handy pockets, perfect for keeping essentials and spare mags in.

At Surplus Store, we have a range of combat trousers including some that are waterproof and breathable, making them ideal for wearing whatever the weather.

There are also a variety of camouflage patterns to choose from too, suitable for a variety of landscapes.

Look for ACU – army combat uniform – trousers which are the current United States Army battle uniform, which sometimes comes with knee pad inserts.

Combat trousers from Surplus

Knee Pads

Protective pads are very useful for when playing airsoft outdoors.

Though combat trousers offer some comfort, if you are frequently kneeling on a cold and uncomfortable ground, or having to drop to the ground quickly (finding a hidden root by dropping your knee on it can really take you out of the game!), knee pads are a great help.

A bit of extra padding on your knees will allow you to play airsoft for longer and mean you end up with fewer injuries, making them a worthy investment.

The knee pads we stock come in a variety of colours, from beige and olive to camouflage designs. You can choose from knee pad inserts or ones worn over the trousers, strapped on tightly to your leg.

Olive colour knee pad from Surplus Store


Whether you are playing airsoft indoors or outdoors, it is important to have some good quality footwear.

They need to be comfortable to wear for long period for being active and have a good grip pattern for all terrains.

For outdoor play, it is good to get waterproof boots, which can also be easily cleaned.

Cleaning your boots after running around in mud and leaves keeps them in a better condition for longer. You don’t want to have to keep investing in new boots each year.

Remember to break in your boots before taking them out for a day playing airsoft; it is better to be comfortable in your footwear so you won’t have to worry about blisters or chafing from brand new boots.

Boots for airsoft

Groin Protection

While underwear and trousers protect your groin area fairly well, you might want to invest in some extra protection from a stray BB or accident.

While BBs aren’t too powerful in the UK it won’t be long before you find someone with a crotch shot story, so there are a few options, with one of the most popular for people who want protection being the groin protector.

Many sports offer protection for the groin, and are readily available; have a quick look online for one you will be comfortable wearing that provides the protection you are after.

Have a browse through our online shop for the best protective gear, and take a look at some of our new airsoft gun arrivals. If you want to know more, we are always happy to help – give us a call or leave a comment on our social channels.