Camouflage mesh mask for face protectionFollowing on from our previous blog on airsoft eye protection, we are looking at the protection required for your head and face. Though the pellets and BBs fired from airsoft guns are nowhere near as powerful as a bullet, they can still cut skin and leave a bruise. Like with eye protection, you don’t have to splash out that much for some basic quality head and face protection.

The type of protection you wear may depend on the airsoft you are playing. CQB (close quarter battle) will require the best protection to avoid teeth breaking or painful hits at close range. On larger airsoft sites in wooded areas, you might be able to get away with just goggles and a hat, but it is important to know what face, neck and head protection is available to airsoft players. Preventing the risk of injury is sure to make a skirmish more enjoyable!


Masks cover your lower face and offer protection for your nose and teeth. A solid BB fired directly at a tooth will more than often break it or chip it, and an expensive trip to the dentist will be needed. Masks aren’t for everyone though, as they can feel claustrophobic, and make your face a bit sweaty. They can also restrict breathing which is not great when you are running around an airsoft site. Masks can be made from Neoprene or harder polymer materials, which are great for deflecting shots or softening the impact on your face. Masks have several designs too, from skulls to Jokers, to help terrify the opponent!

Neoprene mask with Joker design

Mesh Face Guard

Following your eye protection, a lower face guard is probably the number two piece of gear you need for your body safety. A mesh face guard that covers the lower half of the face is a great option, protecting your teeth but also allows for easier breathing and speaking. The mesh also means you won’t be steaming up your goggles with your breath. There are several mesh mask options out there, some which are a little flexible so can be shaped to your face, and others made of tougher material which offers better protection. When it comes to mesh masks, be sure to measure your head and the size guide, so you are not stuck with uncomfortable protection, though many do have adjustable straps and sides. The only downside of a mesh face guard is that it can be harder to get a proper cheek weld when sighting your airsoft gun, so if in doubt take your gun (and sight) with you when choosing a face guard!

Khaki coloured lower face guard with mesh

Scrim Net Scarf

Your neck requires protection too – being hit on the neck is painful! A scrim netting scarf keeps you cooler than other alternatives when playing and can easily be layered up for better protection. Scrim net scarves come in mostly camouflage military colours of khaki, olive and brown. Other neck protection to consider includes shemagh scarves or neck tubes, which similar to masks can have a variety of designs over the mouth or just a camouflage pattern. Tube scarves are less likely to fall off your face too but do restrict breathing and can fog up your glasses. Shemagh scarves, like a scrim net scarf, offer an authentic look but can get hot when doing physical activity or in warm weather.

Camouflage print scrim net scarf


Not only do will a helmet protect you from BBs but also bumps and hits from other people, their guns and the environment around you – banging your head on a low door frame is not fun! Helmets also help to complete the “look” for airsoft, and you can easily mount a camera, and it is practical for attaching your face mask and goggles to it when not using it, on breaks between play. If you have found helmets to be heavy and uncomfortable, why not shop around to find one that suits you? Helmets offer better protection and function than other head protection you may choose like baseball caps or boonie hats.

A helmet for airsoft

What type of protection do you use for your head and face? Let us know via social media! Be sure to take a look at the protective gear we have available in stock online and in our Crawley store. Don’t miss the chance to have a browse of the best airguns we have either, including Weihrauch air rifles.