Daystate Pulsar air rifle

The 177 Daystate Pulsar black synthetic PCP bullpup air rifle has been built on a decade of electronic airgun success. With its unique ergonomics and computer-controlled sophisticated motherboard and software, the Pulsar is a revolutionary and the pinnacle of a modern airgun.

The Pulsar is a fantastic example of airgun engineering. The air rifle features Daystate’s patented Map Compensated Technology (MCT), which is essentially a digital regulator that controls the rifle’s power. That is combined with a new electronics package developed especially for the Pulsar, and there are even more exciting features which make this Daystate air rifle the item to be moved straight to the top of your wish list.

The other features which make up this new rifle include a built-in laser sight, a display information screen and multiple power settings. The Pulsar also has a revised version of the Harper Patent valve system, for an increased efficiency and high shot capacity, from the 300cc aluminium air cylinder. Together with Daystate’s best yet sound-moderating barrel shroud, the electronic system, patented by Daystate makes a Pulsar air rifle near-silent when used in the field, though the moderator is equipped with a threaded adaptor. A 10-shot rotary magazine and solid alloy side-lever loading add even more to the already long list of exciting components which makes up the Pulsar air rifle.

What’s more, is that the Pulsar is fully ambidextrous – even the cocking lever can be reversed, and the ballistic nylon forend also includes a useful 20mm Picatinny front rail that allows the fitting of a tactical bipod. The Pulsar is also one of the safest air rifles to use, with several notable new safety systems.

The Daystate Pulsar PCP air rifles are available in store and we aim to keep both calibres in stock but if we do sell out there is a 4 to 6 week lead time for these guns to arrive back into stock, remember to order  Scope and pellets if needed. See the product here.

Call Surplus Store on 01293 525880 for more details.  You MUST be over 18 to purchase this item. Due to Government legislation, Surplus Store cannot deliver these direct to you for free. You can either collect from the store, Surplus can transfer it to a local RFD for local collection, or if you are within 100 miles of the shop, Surplus Store can deliver it via a representative in a face to face transaction.