Batman from Arkham Origins inspired cosplay suit with functioning grappling air gun There’s pretty much a world record for anything nowadays, and a man from Ireland has managed to bag himself the record for the most functioning gadgets on a cosplay suit – Batman’s suit in fact! Julian Checkley has created costumes for many Hollywood films and has been an avid fan of comic books since he was a child, and was inspired to create the suit after playing the Batman: Arkham Origins video game. The suit pretty much looks the real deal and includes some nifty gadgets, such as batarangs, smoke bombs, and even a functioning grappling air gun (although we’re not sure if he could scale any buildings with it…). The great thing about all of the gadgets are that they are fully working, physical items. Where the gadgets are usually a thing confined to the pages of comic books or Hollywood special effects, Julian has created the working replica. Included in his impressive arsenal is an ultrasonic anti-dog device, strobe stun gun, wrist mounted stun gas dispenser and ‘Bat flask’… We’re not sure about the last one, but even the Dark Knight needs something to take the edge off crime fighting! Take a look at the video below and check the suit out for yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed:   Photo courtesy of GBPublic_PR on Flickr, under Creative Commons