A beer bottle lid being shot off using an air rifle

Some rather impressive footage has emerged from China recently, showing arguably one of the best party tricks we’ve ever seen – a man opening beer bottles using an air rifle!

We’ve probably all seen people opening a beer bottle using a lighter, the edge of a table, and even with their teeth and eye sockets, but this one takes the biscuit.

Zhou Shibing, a shooting coach from China’s Shandong Province, recently appeared on a reality TV show called Impossible Challenge. His task was to shoot the lids off three glass beer bottles from a distance of 10m.

He had ten attempts to open three bottles armed only with his air rifle, and had to take the lid clean off without shattering the glass. He started well, hitting his target spot on and receive a round of applause from the audience.

Slow motion footage shows just how impressive his shooting is, as you see the pellet flying through the air and tapping the bottle, sending the lid flying off.

However, after a strong start, Mr Shibing starts to struggle and after his seventh attempt he has only managed to open one bottle. How does he fair after this? Well, watch the video below for yourself to find out if he manages it!

Screenshot courtesy of CCTV News/YouTube