A busy shopping centre where our survival tips will come in handy

We’ve offered you some survival guides in the past, but none of them will compare to this one; how to survive the extremes of last minute Christmas shopping.

Now, chances are you’ve still got some shopping to do, and we’re not judging you for that, we just want to offer some guidance. So without further ado, here are our six tips for surviving last minute Christmas shopping:


As with any outdoor situation, it is important that you have suitable footwear. You will want something that’s comfortable and not cause you discomfort as you roam the high street, repeatedly, looking for a present for your mother-in-law.


You don’t know how long you are going to be stranded, so it will be important to keep your nutrition levels high. Keeping some snacks on your person that can give you a boost throughout the day is probably a good idea, and if you have the time, look for somewhere you might be able to forage if you find yourself getting light headed. The local Nandos is usually a good starting point, but remember, other eateries are available.


Once again, you can never be sure how long you are going to be stranded, so you will need to stay warm, especially with the colder temperatures setting in. Layering up is a good idea, so make sure you have a few layers on, underneath a warm coat, to keep yourself from suffering hypothermia. If you find yourself becoming disorientated from being too cold, seek the closest shelter and try to find something warm to drink. A hot chocolate is particularly effective at warming you up at this time of the year.

Have a plan

Do not go out there blind; write yourself a list of what you need. By doing this, it can stop you from deviating from your planned path, reducing the chances of you getting lost. If you are really struggling for what to get for the people on your list, we know a certain store that has many excellent gifts, from airsoft guns to air rifles and a wide range of survival gear…!

Watch the current

The high street current can be dreadful at this time of year, especially outside of the local clothes shops as people flood in their hundreds to find that last minute gift. Try to keep your head above the flow and stick to areas where you can get a good footing. If you do find yourself caught up in the high street current, try to ride it out until you find a safe area to escape to.

Tell someone where you’re going

Before you leave the house on your journey, make sure you let someone know your plan, be it your parents, partner or whoever. You may be gone for upwards of six hours, and you won’t want to panic your nearest and dearest. If the journey is taking longer than planned, try to find an area of signal and send a message keeping them in the loop so they don’t send the search party out prematurely.

These are just six survival tips for getting those last minute gifts, and if you stick by them, we’re sure you’ll come out of the other side unscathed! If we’ve missed any tips, please let us know on our social media channels, but don’t worry, you’ve got this!