Batman from the 1960s in a boxing ring

Batman’s utility belt plays a vital role in taking down whichever enemy he is fighting, and he always seems to have just the tool for the job (anyone remember the ‘Shark Repellent Bat Spray from the 60s?!), but one of his more staple gadgets has been the grappling gun since it first appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman.

Giving him the ability to go from ground level to roof top in a matter of seconds, it is one gadget that many people were envious of growing up. But one man has decided to stop being envious and make his own version of it, and that man is known as Hacksmith.

Hacksmith has created a gas-powered grappling hook gun, but states in the video that the launcher mechanism is a trade secret, but we’re guessing it uses a similar principle found in gas powered air rifles and pistols.

The gun utilises Kevlar rope for extra strength, and it’s surprising just how well the thing actually works! The video below shows the build process, as well as some preliminary testing, which is essentially firing it at abandoned buildings!

And if you’re thinking that the gun is a good idea, but wondering how Batman would ascend to dizzying heights quickly with this gadget, fear not! Hacksmith is also working on an 8-horsepower “electric ascension device” that would allow users of the hook to simply glide away.

Combine these gadgets with the super realistic Batsuits that are being made on the regular, don’t be surprised if you see the Caped Crusader on a rooftop near you soon…

Watch video of the build for yourself below: