army soldiers using rifles

British manufacturers have, for many years, designed some of the best and badass kits for the army, making some of the best weaponry and machinery seen in the world. Though the soldier themselves is the best kit, what they carry with them has to be the best of the best.

The British Army’s equipment is constantly being updated and modified so they can be operable anywhere in the world, but these are some of the best and coolest:

UK Apache

Apache helicopter

Though this is not an entirely British design, the US Apache helicopter was modified and made better. A fully digital attack helicopter, it has a frightening number of sensors and weaponry, including infrared cameras with a wide range, giving the pilot a built-in night vision system. The dome on top has a radar which can identify enemy soldiers, vehicles and even hideouts on the ground. The weapons make this one of the coolest, with a 30mm cannon that has a range of 3km, 70mm rockets which could destroy a small forest and Hellfire missiles which are laser guided and could blow up a small ship. The scariest thing? It can be fully automated, so with no human involvement, it can blow up 16 targets in under 30 seconds.

Image by: Adrian Pingstone available under Public Domain

Type 45 Destroyer

Type 45 Destroyer

This battleship is an air-defence destroyer, meaning it is designed to find planes and blow them up quickly and painfully. Crammed full of sensors and weapons, it is very good at its job. The radar and missile combination it has means it could shoot down a cricket ball which is 120km away. For shorter range stuff, it has a system of 20mm Phalanx guns which use radar to lock on, then unleashes a barrage of 4500 20mm shells per minute (each) to shoot it down. And that isn’t everything, as the Destroyer also has an 113mm cannon and two 30mm Gatling guns which can use radar to lock onto ships themselves or be remote controlled.

Image by Brian Burnell, available under Creative Commons

BAE Adaptiv Tank

BAE tank

Vehicles make heat as they move, meaning they are picked up easily with infrared, where they are shown as big glowing targets. As this is seen as a bad thing by the military, BAE Systems have designed something that disappears on IR cameras. It uses a matrix of hexagonal panels which act as pixels and can change to the temperature of the background scenery. This, of course, doesn’t mean they can’t be found with the naked eye, but for the enemy, with heat-seeking missiles, they are hard to find. Though the system has only been tried on land, BAE plans on putting it on helicopters and ships next. That’s just one step closer to the helicarrier seen in The Avengers!

Image by PopularScience/BAE Systems

Astute-class submarine

Astute-class submarine

This is the deadliest attack submarine in the world. Almost 100m long and with 98 crew, it’s also the world’s first digital submarine with the computer controlling pretty much everything. There are HD and infrared cameras, it carries torpedoes and the notorious Tomahawk cruise missile, so it can hit targets 1,000 miles away within 30 feet of their location. Powered by a nuclear reactor and sonar arrays complete this piece of weaponry, and the black panels make it look like a supervillain’s toy rather than something used by the Royal Navy. It also has a stealth feature, which means the Astute-class makes less noise than a baby dolphin, making it impossible to find underwater and allowing it to vanish without a trace. Scary!

Image by Defence Images

Accuracy International L115A3

Accuracy International sniper rifle

We wouldn’t finish this list without mentioning one of the British Army’s rifles – and this is like the best of the best of sniper rifles, making an air rifle look like a child's sling-shot (which of course they are not, but just to compare). Simple is best when it comes to rifles, and this new sniper rifle fires an 8.59mm cartridge out to 1,100m+ with incredible accuracy. In fact, this rifle holds the world record for longest-distance sniper kill, coming in at 2,475m. If you are still doubting how good the rifle is, it wasn’t even a one-off shot, as the sniper in question hit two targets, and the machine gun they were using. Shooting a tiny target, three times in a row, from over a mile away is pretty epic – and terrifying!

Image by Defence Imagery available under OGL

Top image by Gertrud Zach