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The most recent edition of the Guinness World Records was released recently, which got us thinking, how many world records are there out there that relate to the world of air guns? We got investigating, and here is what we found!

Highest air pistol score in 24 hours in a pair

The highest score by a pair shooting an air pistol for 24 straight hours is 13,454, and took place in Brežice, Slovenia on the 16th-17th October 2004. A total of 1450 shots were taken between 10am-10am. The average score of each shot was 9.279, which is impressive when you account for the fatigue setting in over such an extensive period of time! Robert Kranjc and Robert Ferenčak are both native Slovenians, and were witnessed by three spectators who were specialists in shooting.

Most air pistol targets shot in one minute

Manuel Alexandre-Augrand is the sharpshooter who claims this record, which took place from a distance of 10 metres, or 33 feet for those of you who aren’t a fan of the metric system! The total was 19, and set in France on 25th August 2005 live on television on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records.

Most targets shot in eight hours with an air rifle

We travel to the village of Groby, Leicestershire for the only record containing air rifles! UK shooter Christopher Large holds the honours for this achievement, for which he shot continuously for eight hours. From a distance of 30 metres (98.5 feet), Chris aimed to shoot as many 40mm targets as possible. His record? A massive 4,059! This record was set on the 25th October 2008, where Chris shot at 80 target boards, and took between 8-10 minutes to complete each board.

Longest marathon rifle shooting

Not strictly an air gun record, but this is just crazy! A team of five shooters in Germany started on the 21st September 2003 to see how long they could shoot for, in standing, kneeling and prone positions, following ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) regulations. They managed to keep this up for an astonishing 26 days!

So there we have it, with few air rifle records set there is the opportunity for more records to be achieved. Why not take a look at our range of air rifles for sale, and go out and set some records of your own?

Photo courtesy of NicolasPazVal99, under Creative Commons