A business based in Russia have dabbled in a bit of modification recently, and have produced a piece of kit which allows the Makarov pistol to shoot around corners!

It is not quite as glamorous as it sounds, and there will be no Angelina Jolie-style curving of bullets as seen in the film Wanted; rather more built in a garden shed in Moscow from old bike parts and your dad’s belt.

Would you believe, the old bike parts is actually true, with the prototype actually containing the spokes from a Ural motorcycle, as well as parts from a bike pump! The R&D budget must have been quite tight this month…

The prototype set up is a standard silenced Makarov PM connected to a strap which attached to the arm of the shooter. There is then a small camera attached to the gun, which is linked to a Siemens C75 mobile phone, showing the shooter an image of what is around the other side.

This is of course a very basic set up, and does not quite measure up to the Israeli built CornerShot, but it does demonstrate the possible technological advancements. Of course, you might not be allowed to use one for your airsoft pistols due to some sites deeming it as blind firing, but it is very interested to show what you can build in your shed with a box of scraps!

The whole project has reportedly cost 45,000 roubles, which sounds like a lot at first glance, but converts to roughly £434 pounds. Not a bad investment for being able to shoot from cover, don’t you agree?


Photo courtesy of Broń i Amunicja