Pistol and American flag, with more Americans naming their babies after guns – Surplus Store Crawley

It may be one of the weirder titles you will read today, but it is true! More American parents are naming their children after guns, or other gun related words.

Gunner is the most popular name, but other names such as Shooter, Caliber, Trigger and even Pistol are proving to be popular choices.

There were over 1500 baby boys named Gunner last year, and another 750 named Gunnar (which is a Scandinavia name meaning bold warrior), which took it into the Top 200 boy’s names! Even Cannon has made it into the Top 1000 boy’s names…

The names of gun manufacturers are also working their way up the popularity tables, with Browning, Remington, Barrett and even Wesson amongst some of the more popular choices.

US baby names website nameberry.com also found it isn’t only firearm names on the rise, with people going for a touch of medieval, embracing names such as Mace, Blade and Dagger for boys, as well as Saber for girls, and Arrow for a unisex name.

Meanwhile, 11 boys were named Arson last year, nine named Chaos and five named Danger. None named Air Rifle thus far, but it’s surely only a matter of time! We also know we can’t tell you what to name your children, but please don’t name them Dagger…