Could you defend yourself against Godzilla using a pellet gun from Surplus Store?

In true American style, the Air Force have taken measures to ensure that they have the means to defeat Godzilla, should he ever emerge from the ocean and wreak havoc on all of Japan.

In a recent video, Senior Airman Mark Hermann and Master Sergeant Jason Edwards from the Air Force’s 18th Wing, located at Kadena Air Base in Japan believe they have the solution to sending the Kaiju back to the briny depths from whence he came.

If you haven’t seen the new Godzilla (SPOLIER: It was rubbish, although this opinion has divided us in store!) or any of the previous versions, the creature can certainly take a battering!

The 1954 Japanese film version beast withstood attacks from 50-cal machine guns, Howitzer cannons, and an aerial bombardment, before finally being stopped with the Oxygen Destroyer device.

So what would it take to stop this behemoth, in the minds of the military who protect the United States of America? People on Segway’s, Chuck Norris and the Incredible Hulk according to Master Sergeant Jason Edwards…

If you want to watch their full strategy for yourself, check out the video here:

Meanwhile, if you are looking for your own defence against Godzilla, may we suggest you pay our website a visit? Admittedly, a pellet gun may not be do much against super strength and atomic breath, but at least you can say you tried!


Photo courtesy of BagoGames, under Creative Commons