Pellet from air pistol travelling towards candle

As the name suggests, The Slow Mo Guys specialise in all things, well, slow! Some of their video highlights include shooting pistols underwater, giant water balloons and elastic bands vs watermelons.

Their videos are hugely entertaining, as everything always looks so much cooler in slow motion, but no more so than a weapon being fired… Which is where their latest challenge comes in!

Using an air pistol, the guys attempt to shoot out the flame of a candle by hitting the wick with a pellet, which is no mean feat.

The video shows a few false starts from both Gav and Dan as they attempt to shoot out the flame from a distance of three metres. The opening shots include both parties shaving chunks out of the candle wax and even shooting straight through the centre of the candle.

Each test shot is then accompanied by a slow-motion replay shot in 28,000 fps just to see how close each of the guys gets to hitting the target.

We won’t spoil the result for you, as you can watch the video for yourself below, but it’s definitely a much harder feat than it sounds, as the boys find out for themselves.

If you think you can do a better job, check out our selection of air pistols online or visit us instore, and give it a go for yourself! But make sure you have a decent back stop when shooting your pistol, as if any pellets leave your property when fired (even through a fence) it can be pretty bad news!

Screenshot courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube