Sniper in the grass who is equipped with airsoft guns.

If you have been playing airsoft for a while, you will probably have an airsoft player that you look up to. Here at Surplus Store, we follow a number of incredible airsoft superstars and these players have perfected their skill over the years to become experts in their field and are well-known throughout the community.

If you already play airsoft, you will know that it can take a little while to find your game style, but if you are keen to dominate the sport, then watching professional players play, can help you on your way to greatness.

What Makes a Good Airsoft Player?

One of the most important skill sets that good airsoft players have, is that they understand their gun, and the more that you know, the more you will understand its accuracy and how far it can shoot. There will be nothing worse than seeing your enemy in the distance, firing at them and watching your pellets hit the ground before getting to your target! Not only have you just missed, but you have also given away your position. It is also important that you can recognise the sound of an empty mag or know if there is a problem with the gun.

Of course, having a high level of skill also contributes to becoming a great player, and maybe well-known players have put a lot of time, effort and money into their hobby. However, one of the main things which contributes to being a good player is respect. You should respect your fellow airsoft players regardless of their skill or age. There is nothing other players hate more than dishonesty and cheating.

With so many incredible airsoft players out there, it is hard to narrow it down to just a handful! However, we have managed to whittle it down to some of our favourite airsoft players out there!


Bodgeups has pulled away from online videos of late, but that doesn’t mean he has stopped playing airsoft. Making this list not just because he can be seen in the shop from time to time, or for his penchant for exploding GBB Gas cans, but he turned into an online sensation, his videos have clocked some pretty impressive views! One of everyone’s favourite airsoft videos is his headshot compilation, a beast of video that shows him racking up headshot after headshot; check out the video below:

Desert Fox

Starting out in 2002, Desert Fox has become a household name in the airsoft community. Being a professional in his field and a popular YouTuber, he often plays throughout America at a national level during military stimulation events! His YouTube Channel is jam-packed full of amazing gameplay, but check out his video of him playing airsoft on the USS Hornet:


Probably one of the most controversial airsoft YouTubers, Novritsch has really made a name for himself and don’t people just have that love/hate thing going for him! Novritsch can often be found armed up with gear and cameras and playing among 3000 other players in the USA, Asia, Europe and Russia. These games are fast-paced and are great to watch on his YouTube channel! In the video which can found below, he stresses the importance of being honest when playing, as you can ruin the fun for everyone else; Check it out below:

Having the right equipment when playing airsoft is essential. So whether you are looking for, whether it’s airsoft guns or any other equipment or gear, you can have a browse on our website or pop into the shop and find the right kit for you!

There really is such a high level of skill out there, and we have only scratched the surface of these airsoft players, and we reckon there are hundreds more out there. Who is your favourite airsoft player? Let us know using our social media channels!

Image credit: Paintimpact