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A survival kit is a pack, in an ‘expedition appropriate’ case such as a bag or bucket, that provides essential supplies during an emergency. It is used to sustain a person with enough life-saving supplies, where the bare essentials cannot be immediately accessed. These supplies can be anything from food to first aid kits, tools, medical supplies, or even clean clothes.
Depending on the supplies needed will depend on how much space is required or will be taken up or vice versa, which is important to take into account when packing your kit. Whilst not the hugest concern in the UK, in the rest of the world, if you are embarking on any extended time away from 'civilisation' or mobile signal, a survival radio could mean the difference between surviving or your safety being compromised.

Generally, a survival kit is provided for civilians or members of armed forces who are preparing for natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather, along with man-made disasters. These could all take on varying degrees of severity and could all suffer from an extreme change in events, which is where a survival radio is a sensible addition.

Having a radio as part of your survival kit is a strong plan; not only in case dangers or emergencies strike but also as a useful tool for prevention of being caught in an unfortunate circumstance, such as an abrupt change in weather forecast or destructive weather warning.

With this in mind, there are many factors to consider when you are choosing your survival radio. You will need a radio that can perform under pressure and restrictions, one that is robust, can withstand the elements and doesn’t rely on only one mode of charging.

Another vital thing to look for in a survival radio, which could be the very difference between life or death, would be a wide band range. Having a weather band is important, and ideally, the radio will also include Specific Alert Messaging Encoding (SAME), which allows the broadcaster to give specific locations for emergency warnings.

You don’t want to break the bank when it comes to purchasing a survival radio, and while quality matters, the price isn’t always the tell-tale sign you’re getting the best. With that in mind, here we have some of the best survival radios available from most expensive to the cheapest, so you can find one to suit your needs. Please note: all of these models are broadcast receivers rather than transceivers, meaning they cannot transmit information, only receive.



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Starting with the most expensive, we have the SANGEAN MMR-88, boasting a whole array of features to keep you safe. This radio offers three types of charging options for its battery, a DC out for charging external devices, 19 AM/FM mixed pre-set stations, an illumination lamp, a built-in clock, a 90-minute auto shut off and an emergency buzzer. It has 15 features in total, which is pretty gnarly for a radio.
It also looks cool.

Vondior AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Emergency Radio £24

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages, which is where the Vondior comes in. It’s highly portable and the perfect companion for an outdoor expedition.

The functionality and the quality of the radio doesn’t reflect its small size, as it packs quite a punch. The volume and sound quality are remarkable for such a small shell, and it also comes with an ear-jack, which is a nice little feature for privacy or quiet surroundings. This little radio runs solely on AA batteries, but don’t let that put you off. The battery life can last for days, or even weeks depending on use.



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Second on our list is the ARCFRX3+WXR.
The battery is the most important function of a survival radio; without it, none of the other features will do you much good! The ARCFRX3+WXR has an impressive amount of options when it comes to keeping your battery charged. Charging features include a hand crank, a solar panel, a place for batteries and a USB port. This nifty radio also includes an LED flashlight, seven weather channels and also has the critical “news alert” function, so you are never out of touch.

iRonsnow IS-088+ £18

For the price, the iRonsnow IS-088 has some excellent bang for your buck.
It gives you three charging options, including hand crank, solar panel and USB. It has a fantastic flashlight, and it can also power your other devices, which is excellent addition.

The iRonsnow IS-088 also has impressive sound volume and clarity while being in a compact, small body. Not just for survival, this radio is perfect for any outdoor adventure too!

We hope this has helped give you some information on what to look for when choosing your survival radio. For other handy survival accessories and to see our collection of air rifles, visit our store!

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