Effects on drywall of modified airsoft BB gun

Modified air rifles and BB guns can be a lot of fun to use, albeit possibly quite dangerous and possibly not legal in the UK (so don’t try this at home kids!). YouTuber Giacomo Di Muro took it to the next level, and made an airsoft BB gun, using a lathe and a milling machine, switching to steel pellets and turning up the pressure with a scuba diving tank to see what it could do. If you’ve seen the coke bottle/air compressor build, think bigger!

Giacomo says in the video, “I made some minor modifications, moving from airsoft pellets under 130 psi of pressure to more substantial BBs at over 4000.” He then proceeds to blast away some Coke cans, punches a few hundred holes in drywall and shatters some wine glasses. He filmed it in slow-motion, so you can really see the effects.

Just how powerful is this device, in comparison to typical air rifles? The Girardoni air rifle has a working pressure of 800 psi and was able to fire out approximately 40 .46 calibre lead balls through a one-inch wooden board, at 100 yards away. The majority of PCP air rifles today can range from between 1000 to 3000 psi, so the 4K mark is quite impressive. Although he doesn’t have any measurements for actual power output, it doesn’t look like the most consistent BB gun!

Take a look at the video below to see the devastation the homemade BB gun does. Though it is only Coke cans bring destroyed, it brings to mind a scene from a war film.

Image Credit: Giaco Whatever / YouTube