This is something we've been excited to share with our viewers. From this point on we will be holding a monthly competition where you will have the chance to win a £50.00 voucher to use in our store or online. Watch the video to find out more and hopefully we'll see you in our first RPG Competition.

Email us a link to your video at along with any details you would like included (Site names, team names, your youtube channel, call signs of the people involved etc) before the 15th of June and we will announce our winner as soon as possible after that via our first announcement & rundown video.

Now the small print, you must own the original copyright (you shot the clip or have permission from the person who did) to the clips you send us you must confirm this when you send us the link, we reserve the right to withdraw any unclaimed gift certificates if we find you've sent us someone else's clip! We will accept clips from youtube links, other online video resources, rock it up to the shop on a USB stick or most upload sites. Vimeo allow for up to 500 MB a month completely free. Please don't email us footage direct as it will just get bounced back and we will not receive it.

Much to the disappointment of our staff, they will not be allowed to enter neither will our secret panel of awesomeness judges. Its yours to win so get your entries in! We're looking for shorter events so if all you have is a 10 minute video make sure you tell us what it is specifically you want us to put forwards as your entry (i.e. Let us know the time it happens in the video).

With many thanks to CS-01 Draagar for donating his footage to make this initial video!

Please note this is not going to be a forum for cheat calling or showing up any types of cheating or unsportsmanlike behavior.

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Any queries you have can be answered by emailing or alternatively you can call the store on 01293 525880