A throwing knife/axe stuck in a stump of wood

We all have our different ways of relaxing and relieving stress. Some of us go to the driving range and ping some balls about, others of us use sport as a relief.

But how do you fancy the idea of throwing axes at big wooden targets? In a game which is kind of like a game of darts, but a lot more entertaining!

Not satisfied with the standard throwing knife, Whistle Punks have upped their game and allow you to throw big axes at a wooden target. The closer you get the axe to the middle of the board, the more points you score.

Each hour and a half session starts with you getting a thorough safety briefing from the experts running the show, to ensure you don’t accidentally slice off any limbs…

The venue is located in Whitechapel and is open as of this week (19th May). Each hour and a half session costs £30 per person, or £25 each for a group of between eight to fourteen people.

Opening on Thursdays and Friday from 6-10pm and on Saturdays between 1-7pm, it is a great way to let your hair down, and get some throwing axe practice in (because you can never have too much of that right?!).

Just a small note, you might wish to plan your drinking session of your evening for after visiting Whistle Punks, as you can imagine, beer and lobbing sharp objects at wooden targets don’t particularly mix…

Check out the Whistle Punks website for yourself for more details if you are interested, and channel your inner lumberjack today!