Person lighting a fire in the wild

Whether you’re planning on heading out on a camping trip, an overnight hike or something more adventurous, it’s key to remember that you’ll be exposed to the elements. Although this can seem like an invigorating thought at first, it can soon turn sour if you don’t head out prepared. Remember to share your planned route and expected locations with a close friend or relative before you head off, that way, if you lose your bearings, people will know where you are!

Assuming you’ve packed your map and compass, these are some of the essential survival tips you’ll need to stay happy and healthy on your outdoors escapade!


We all need a roof over our heads, whether this is bricks and mortar at home or canvas while we’re out in the wild. If you’re packing a basic tent for your adventure, this box will already be ticked. But, if you’re going even more back to basics, then consider bringing a tarpaulin sheet which you can use for building a basic waterproof shelter. You could also bring a roll of strong bin bags to use, either as an additional waterproof layer of clothing or to fill with grass and leaves to create a ‘mattress’. This will slow down the loss of body heat as it will create a layer between your body and the cold ground. A sleeping bag would also work wonders.

Person in the wild


Having a roll of heavy duty and hard wearing cord will be extremely handy during your adventure. It will have almost countless purposes and help when building a durable and suitable shelter. We’d suggest brushing up on a few knots before you head out as they will come in extremely handy while out in the wild.

Cutting Device

Of course, what use is cord if you have nothing to cut it with? Our hands are capable of many amazing things, but cutting is not one of them. We need to carry a sharp cutting device to ensure that we are both well equipped and protected when exploring. Strong and sharp survival knives will allow you to craft items for your shelter, cut wood from trees and build a fire. They hold many functions, therefore, they are vital for a survival kit.

Person carving wood with a knife


Otherwise known as fire, it is vital that you carry a means to create some. Depending on how back to basics you’re going, this will either be a lighter and fire lighting bricks, matches or some flint and tinder. Vaseline is also a great asset when looking to build a fire as it can burn for longer than typical fuel. Pack some cotton wool as well and combine the two to make a small fire source. This can either act as an ignition device or as the start to a larger fire.


A container is a very general term, but ideally, this should be suitable for cooking and preparing food in, such as a metal canteen. Make sure that it is capable is withstanding high temperatures so that it can be held over a fire and check to see if it has an insulated handle etc.

Assuming you’ve packed your map, compass and water, other items you should consider having for an emergency situation is a water filter or survival straw, a change of dry clothes stored in a dry bag and a ribbon to mark your trail in case you get lost.

This concludes our 5 C’s of survival list. If you have any additional suggestions or have some items that you just can’t leave without when you head into the wilderness, then let us know in the comments! Additionally, if you’re looking for some survival gear, why not check out our online store? We have a range of clothing and survival knives, along with air guns and pistols.