Gletcher Air Pistols

Gletcher are an American brand from SMG inc, that want to make available as realistic as possible air guns and pistols to anyone that cannot get the real steel, or is otherwise restricted from using the real steel weapons in training.

Gletcher says "Our air guns include some unique models and designs exclusive to the Gletcher brand. We strive to replicate not only the external aesthetics of a firearm, but the internal mechanisms as well. This gives these air guns the feel of an authentic sidearm." Focusing on quality of construction and blowback these really do feel special in the hand!

Our range of Gletcher pistols for sale include CO2 revolvers and blow back action pistols which slides back with every shot, offering a more realistic shooting experience.

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Gletcher M1891 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher NGT Silver Revolver .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher M1944 .177 BB Co2 Air Rifle
Gletcher NGT Revolver .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher P08 Parabellum .177 BB Blow Back Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher P08 .177 BB Blow Back Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher NGT Revolver Silver .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher Colt 1911 Overlord Limited Edition .177 BB Blow-Back Co2 Air Pistol
Gletcher JRH 941 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
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