Crosman Air Rifles

Founded in 1924 in America, Crosman are one of the few companies to start off on compressed air powered guns and remain there. Having been at the forefront of many of the most iconic and famous air rifle designs, many companies have attempted to clone them, but never bettered them.

Crosman began to experiment with CO2 power in the 1930s, loading liquid CO2 in a pressurised reservoir on their guns. Whereas other manufacturers were using 8 gram CO2 bulbs, Crosman capitalised on this and introduced a 12 gram CO2 bulb in 1954, known as the Powerlet. This gave more shots per bulb, and is used by nearly all manufacturers of CO2 air rifles today.

We have a range of CO2 and break barrel Crosman air rifles for sale online, including the popular Rat Catcher and Rabbitstopper models.

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Crosman 1077 Walnut Stock .177 Co2 Air Rifle
Crosman Silver Fox NP Nitro Piston .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Shoulder Stock for Crosman 2250,2240,2300 and 1377C
Crosman 1077 Freestyle Co2 Air rifle .177
Crosman Fire NP Nitro Piston .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Crosman 2250 XL Rat Catcher .22 Bolt Action Co2 Air Rifle
Crosman AK1 .177 BB Co2 Air Rifle
Crosman Phantom .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Crosman Stealth NP .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
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