Airsoft Boots & Footwear

If you’ve ever played airsoft wearing trainers, you’ll know how annoying, uncomfortable and messy it can get. You’re practically guaranteed to get cold feet and a ruined pair of trainers to boot! Airsoft relies on manoeuvrability, physical endurance and exceptional tolerance of mud, and for these reasons a top-notch pair of boots are a must!

For players who play outside, you’ll be playing on uneven and patchy ground, which means one wrong step and you could twist or sprain an ankle! This is why the airsoft boots that we stock are built to support your ankles and lower legs, meaning you can run, jump and crawl your way to victory without the worry of picking up any injuries. Check out our selection below as we stock numerous brands and styles that will work with any loadout. 

From budget boots up to the same boots that are issued to the Brittish Army We Got You Covered! It's better to try on your Airsoft Boots, so if you're local pop in and try a pair on! Look for something comfortable, you're going to be wearing them all day! Don't forget to take care of them, Airsoft boots get a hammering compared to most people's wear style, so take a quick look at our dubbins and boot polish too!

We stock Grafters boots (a great boot for starting out with, great value and hard wearing, especially appropriatte for Army Cadets too!), Hi-Tec Magnums, Viper and Bates boots which are all great choices for an Airsoft boot!

Starter boots will not be waterproof, look for the higher end waterproof boots and thinsulate lined boots if you want to skirmish in the really bad weathers!

Don't forget to break in your boots for at least a few hours before your first Skirmish, not all boots need it, but you don't want to be breaking in a new pair running round a forest for the day!

Or if you’re looking for other airsoft clothing, click here.

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