HIKMICRO Stellar SH50 50mm <35mK 384x288px 12µm Thermal Rifle Scope

HIKMICRO Stellar SH50 50mm <35mK 384x288px 12µm Thermal Rifle Scope

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HikMicro Stellar SH50mm Thermal rifle Scope.
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The HIKMICRO Stellar SH50 was the thermal rifle scope that everyone was waiting for giving a very useable 3.8x base magnification and F50 1.0 objective lens allowing as much thermal signature to enter the powerful 384x288 <35mk thermal sensor to produce a vivid high quality thermal image in 4 colour palettes.

The Stellar has been developed with a sleek, ergonomic design to put all of the major controls within easy reach. The innovative jog dial makes it easy to adjust the magnification and access the menu – while the three buttons on the eyepiece provide the user with access to key features such as video recording and standby mode.

The Stellar uses a conventional 30mm tube Rifle Scope chassis allowing you to attach it to your Rifle using standard scope rings. This makes it easy to mount and achieve the perfect eye relief while also maintaining the traditional appearance of your Rifle.

At the heart of the Stellar 50mm is the HIKMICRO 384x288px Thermal sensor with sub-35mk NETD. This pairs with the high quality 50mm lens system to deliver a highly detailed image with 3.8x magnification and up to 2600m detection distance. In addition to the 3.8x base magnification, the Stellar offers up to 8x digital magnification providing the Scope with a magnification range from 3.8 – 30x. You also have 4 colour palettes to choose from; Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot and Fusion.

Power is provided from two internal lithium batteries which provide an outstanding 15 hours of run time. There is an additional battery compartment that accepts a removable CR123A battery. This is designed as an emergency backup and provides an additional 1 hour of runtime.

The Stellar also introduces recoil-activated recording so you can automatically capture the important parts of your shooting trips on video using the 64GB internal storage. The Stellar series is also fitted with a microphone to capture sound with your videos.

Zeroing has been simplified with the inclusion of freeze-frame and magnification during setup with your Rifle. Advanced software provides up to 5 zeroing profiles allowing you to use the Stellar on multiple Rifles.

Under the cap that traditionally houses the windage adjustment, you will find a USB-C port that allows you to transfer data and recharge the Scope. This also allows you to power the Stellar from an external USB power bank.

Use the inbuilt Wi-Fi to connect to the HIKMICRO Sight app and stream, record and control the Stellar from your phone, tablet or another mobile device. You can stream in real-time to share your hunting experience with a friend. The app also gives you access to all of the major controls like colour palettes, magnification, brightness and contrast. This makes it very easy for the user to configure the Stellar to match their preferred Thermal image.

  • Conventional Rifle Scope shape with a 30mm tube to make mounting and eye relief easy.
  • Up to 13hrs runtime from 2x internal batteries and 1x removable CR123A.
  • Ultra-long 1800m detection distance.
  • Excellent image quality from the HIKMICRO sub 35NETD Thermal sensor and F1.0 lens system.
  • All major settings are controlled through the conveniently located jog dial.
  • Recoil-activated recording and built-in microphone.
  • Multiple Zeroing profiles (up to 5 profiles can be stored in the scope).
  • WiFi with access to the HIKMICRO Sight app.
  • Focusable lens.
  • 64GB internal memory.
  • Picture-in-Picture.
  • IP67 rated – Water & Dustproof.
  • One-shot zero.

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