Double Eagle

Double Eagle is the ideal beginner brand. Known for being affordable and easy to use, if you’re just starting out in airsoft, Double Eagle has got you covered. But the budget-friendly prices certainly don’t mean lower quality – in fact, the brand is dedicated to high-quality control standards and innovation, resulting in some fantastic products.

We stock various airsoft replicas from Double Eagle, so you can find something to suit your shooting style and preferences. Many of our Double Eagle airsoft guns are also two-tone, so you don’t have to worry about being a UKARA member to buy them. Browse below to discover our selection of Double Eagle rifles and pistols.
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Double Eagle M56B Orange Triple Shot Pistol Grip 6mm BB Shotgun Two Tone
Double Eagle M56B Triple Shot Pistol Grip 6mm Airsoft Shotgun RIF
Double Eagle M83 M4 Style Tactical Stock Blue 6mm BB Electric Assault Rifle Two Tone
Double Eagle M56C Triple Shot Tactical 6mm Airsoft Shotgun RIF
Double Eagle M56 Tactical Pistol Grip 6mm Airsoft Triple Shot Shotgun RIF
Double Eagle M63 Spas-12 Style 6mm Airsoft Triple Shot Shotgun RIF
Double Eagle M58A Full Stock Orange 6mm BB Pump Action Shotgun Two Tone
Double Eagle M58B Pistol Grip Orange 6mm BB Pump Action Shotgun Two Tone
Double Eagle M56 Shotgun Shells pack of  6
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Double Eagle Two Tone Airsoft Guns

If you’re an airsoft newbie, you probably don’t have a UKARA membership, so you won’t be able to buy real imitation firearms. While Double Eagle do make RIFs, they are also particularly known for their two-tone airsoft weapons. These guns give a wonderfully realistic experience and will provide an impressive performance while still being accessible to newcomers.

Double Eagle Triple Shot Airsoft Shotguns

If you’re after some real blasting ability at a super affordable price, Double Eagle’s Triple Shot line is ideal. With each shot, you can fire three BBs via separate internal barrels, providing a good level of power and a formidable spread. The pump action on Double Eagle’s M56 series is very tactile and a bit stiffer than other airsoft shotguns as they tend to use a stronger spring.

Choosing Your Double Eagle Airsoft Gun

Our range of Double Eagle guns is diverse, reflecting the brand’s extensive product lineup. With various shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols and sniper rifles, there’s something for every airsoft player.

Each gun is made to be durable, and certain models are even equipped with a range of accessories like red dot scopes, silencers, flashlights and more to offer plenty of different shooting experiences, making them brilliant practice guns. We also stock ammo for Double Eagle guns, including airsoft shotgun shells.

Whether it’s your first airsoft gun or you want to try out a different type of weapon than your go-to model, Double Eagle certainly shouldn’t be ignored!
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