Hatsan is an internationally-recognised manufacturer of air guns and shotguns. The Turkish company started in 1976 and have an excellent reputation for developing quality guns built from high-quality materials at affordable prices. A family-run business, the brand is acknowledged across the globe for it reputability, exporting to over 90 countries.

Why Choose a Hatsan Air Rifle?

Hatsan continues to produce their air rifles using cutting-edge design techniques, focusing on expertise and meeting the ISO requirements throughout production. A unique aspect of Hatsan air rifles is their in-house design and development in comparison to using templates. Always original, Hatsan is a world-recognised brand and are even used by other companies to produce their designs, such as Daisy’s Winchester air rifle. With so much faith placed in their hands, you know Hatsan are experts and perfectionists in the making of air rifles.
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Hatsan 900x Breaker .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Hatsan AT44-10 .22 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan Striker 1000S .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Hatsan Nova Compact PCP Air rifle
From £466.99
Best Fittings FX/Kral PCP Fill Probe
Hatsan Factor .177 PCP Air Rifle Black
Hatsan Flash .177 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan Speedfire Synthetic .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Hatsan NovaStar Walnut .22 PCP Air Rifle
Special Price £649.00 Save £5.99
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Our Range of Hatsan Air Rifles at Surplus Store

Surplus Store provides a vast selection of Hatsan air rifles, and our online store offers an assortment of Hatsan models, including our best sellers such as the 900x Breaker .177, the AirTact .22 break barrel and the AT44-10 .22 PCP. The affordability of our Hatsan range starts from entry-level prices and stretches over to the mid and high ranges, covering all bases. Find Your Perfect Hatsan Air Rifles Take a look at our selection of Hatsan break barrel and PCP air rifles for sale below. Search according to popularity and prices as well as product name to find the Hatsan air rifle you are after. Always here to help, feel free to contact us for any additional advice you require.
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